Sad And Heartbroken Nina Roz Denies Aborting Daddy Andre’s Child.

In late 2020, Nina Roz seemed to have a bulged tummy which forced netizens to raise speculations hinting at pregnancy.

At the time, the songstress was in a relationship with fellow singer Andrew Ojambo a.k.a Daddy Andre and it was believed that the two had decided to have a child together.

Finally Nina Roz Speaks out the Truth on Her Pregnancy of Daddy Andre and  we are not Dating. - YouTube

In February 2021, however, during an interview with Karitas Karisimbi, Nina Roz rubbished the allegations and noted that she was just fat.

She revealed how the change in diet, being at peace with life, and staying away from drugs had been the secret to her body changes.

Later, Nina appeared normal and the supposed ‘baby bump’ had disappeared, raising other allegations that she had aborted the child.

While appearing on Beat FM, Nina Roz was asked to reveal the truth of the matter of the allegations that she aborted Daddy Andre’s child.

The singer who appeared rather uncomfortable with the question noted that she has never had intentions of hurting anyone and that she would never abort.

“Most people who commented about it really tortured me. I cannot be a murderer. In all things in the world, I cannot even hurt a single person on this earth, why would I abort?” Nina Roz said.

She then asked the public to be respectful when commenting on certain things about celebrities’ lives.


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