“Kaiyz Should Stay Away From The Camera And Flavia’s Useless Interviews!” Jenkins Mukasa Insists.

Renowned entertainment analyst Jenkins Mukasa has advised former gossip reporter at Next Media Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz to stay away from the camera if he wants to settle well in the U.S.A.

Jenkins Mukasa said that it’s the only way Kaiyz will have a smooth process for his paperwork to be completed without any disturbances from the authorities.

Kayz Vamu Camera, Jenkins Mukasa Atabukide Flavia Namulindwa - YouTube

He reasoned that the security in America might make investigations and find him bragging about relocating yet his documentation is lacking which could cause him trouble.

Jenkins explained that the move that Kayz made to appear on Flavia Namulindwa’s YouTube channel is not the right one saying he should focus on other staff until his paperwork is done completely.

He added that Flavia Namulinda hosted Kayz on her YouTube channel in an effort to boost it because it wasn’t working well since he was a content hunter in Kampala.

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