Bitter And Angry Full Figure Vows To Celebrate Kawalya Isaac Kaiyz’s Death, Says He Deserves To Suffer!!

Singer cum presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure has expressed her disappointment with former Next Media entertainment journalist Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz.

Through a live Facebook broadcast, Full Figure remarked on Kaiyz’s decision to resign from his duties at Sanyuka TV, before relocating to America claiming she predicted the development.

Kayz Kyewatandukude Tokimanyi, Full Figure Awaga - YouTube

Full Figure expressed her unrelenting resentment towards Kaiyz, claiming that he tarnished people’s reputations and brands as a result of the small sums of money he received in exchange for spreading false reports.

She noted that for as long as she lives, she would never forgive Kaiyz for dragging her name through the mud during his reign at Sanyuka TV.

Full Figure made it known that when Kaiyz breathes his last before her, she will attend his burial not to express sorrow, but to make confirm that he has gone forever.

It should be recalled that Full Figure has battled with several players in the entertainment industry over the years over defamatory reports that were attached to her identity, and she has even sent some of them to prison.


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