“I Have No Problem With My Fans Touching Me Whenever They Want!” Spice Diana Assures Her Horny Fans.

Source Management singer Spice Diana real name Hajarah Namukwaya has made it known that she has no problem with fans’ touching her during performances.

Last week Spice Diana appeared in a video midway through her performance in Rukungiri expressing her discontent with revellers who had embarked on touching her legs.

Spice Diana

Spice had to halt her performance and warn fans against touching her against her will but this didn’t deter the excited fans from going on.

While taking part in an interview over the weekend, Spice Diana was tasked to remark on the ongoing vice among fans of touching musicians inappropriately.

In her response, Spice Diana revealed that, unlike some other fellow musicians, she prefers performing up close for her audience because it brings her best self out.

She said that because their actions are motivated by excitement, she has no issue when her followers touch and interact with her during a performance.

Spice maintained, however, that she is always careful when fans approach her because they might touch her genitalia or other sensitive body parts.

Spice Diana adds her voice to Alien Skin’s submission of defending fans, who revealed that they do so to confirm whether the musicians are real.


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