Faded And Struggling Singer Leila Kayondo Offers To Write ‘Good Songs’ For Alien Skin, Says He’s Current Music Is Trash!

Leila Kayondo recently trashed trending singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin’s music by saying he sings ‘trash’ music.

The video clip in which Leila Kayondo was seen pulling down Alien Skin’s effort went viral and was treated with a baptism of fire from the Fangone Forest Entertainment boss’ fans who hurled insults toward her music career.

Leila Kayondo labels Alien Skin A Boring & Mediocre Musician

In the turn of events, Leila Kayondo went out and paid a visit to Rocky Giant who Alien Skin had shared a light moment with a few days ago, gifting him some items.

Leila Kayondo also had lunch with Rocky Giant and recorded a few videos with him.

While speaking to Spark TV’s Daily Soup show, Leila Kayondo asked Alien Skin to look for her so that she writes for him good music with quality lyrics.

She asked him to come with his entire crew starting from his youngster bodyguard Champion Gudo so that they can have some music lessons.

In the same interview, Leila Kayondo also talked about how she was heavily insulted by Alien’s fans but maintained that what she said about his music is the truth.


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