“Stop Sabotaging And Mistreating Artists Who Refused To Join Your Fake Federation!!” Frustrated Big Eye Blasts Eddy Kenzo And Sheebah.

According to Big Eye Starboss, real name Ibrahim Mayanja, the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) leaders have made it a habit of sabotaging the careers of musicians who are not members of their federation.

While speaking to Spark TV, the Indicator singer hinted at how the federation sided with fellow member Pallaso when the latter faced off with Alein Skin after the latter fixed a concert on the same date yet as a federation, they had to support both musicians.

He further hinted at how the federation’s vice president Sheebah Karungi went on to fix her event ‘YOLO Festival’ on the same date – September 15th – that King Michael had selected for his concert.

Big Eye believes these are calculated moves by the UNMF to frustrate non-members, something that does not reflect well on their intentions.

“I don’t know what they call themselves and why they are out to frustrate every musicians who is not a member of the federation. They criticized Alien Skin for organizing a concert on the same date as Pallaso but they are the same people who have fixed a concert on King Michael’s date,” Big Eye told the media.

“They need to stop disturbing people. Just because you have the capacity and money doesn’t mean you should just step on people’s toes all the time. King Michael organized his show to be able to sort out some things in his life but now the federation is trying to frustrate him, a fellow musician in the industry,” he added.

He also said that some members of the federation including Moses Matovu are leaving it because they have realised they do not have pure intentions for fellow artists.


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