“Are You Following Me On Social Media To Masturbate And Jerk Off On My Half-Naked Photos?? Bitter And Angry Sheilah Gashumba Blasts Fatboy.

Former Sanyu FM presenter James ‘Fatboy’ Onen and Sheilah Gashumba spent Saturday evening tearing each other apart via Twitter.

For a couple of days, Sheilah Gashumba’s revealing fashion choices have left social media dwellers giving divergent opinions.

Sheila Gashumba mocks Fatboy after he loses his job - BigEye.UG

Quoting a tweet with a video showing Sheilah Gashumba in an outfit revealing her backside, Fatboy also expressed her disappointment in the NRG Radio presenter had she been her daughter.

“I would weep if this was my daughter. I paid school fees and this how you be?” Fatboy wrote on his Twitter page.

Fatboy’s opinion did not settle down well with Sheilah Gashumba who immediately responded with a scotching reply.

FatBoy James Onen in a Bitter Fight with Sheila Gashumba Over Her X-Rated  Outfits | Blizz Uganda

“So why are you following me then lala To jerk off? Not sure if you need tissue to clean the tears or vaseline to jerk off!! HYPOTHETICAL men!” she partly wrote.

“A whole 48-year-old soo bothered,” she added.


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