“Jose Chameleone Is Under Doctors’ Close Watch In ICU, But Responding Positively.” Camili’s PR Stuart Reveals Bitter Truth.

tuart Godfrey Kagoro, the Public Relations (PR) officer of singer Dr. Jose Chameleone has spoken out about his current situation in the United states of America where he was rushed to for treatment, he explains how he is currently doing.

Through his social media platforms, Stuart informed Ugandans that Legendary singer Chameleone is under Doctors close supervision to see that he gets back on his fit in time.

While Jose Chameleone appreciates your concern over the days following his recent hospital visit in the States, he also reassures you all he will be back stronger and healthier.

Chameleone is under close doctors’watch and is doing everything in his might to get back to work as soon as he can.

Keep strong and hope for the best.

Stuart Kagoro

Media and communications manager, Jose Chameleone“- he posted.

It should be remembered that Jose Chameleone underwent an emergency surgery in the United States of America where he relocated to a few weeks ago to spend some time with his family and undergo some serious treatment .


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