TikTokers To Hold Tuli Bulala Maiden Concert To Prove Their Haters Wrong!

TikTok, a video-sharing platform, has given rise to a new generation of players in Uganda’s growing entertainment industry.

These rising stars are determined to change the face of skits in Uganda and establish their brands at the pinnacle of the acting fraternity through their humorous short skits.

The socializing app has availed a platform for rising actors and actresses to exhibit their acting skills through their short comic skits.

Jose Chakala, CB Talker, Patricia, Mama Nakanjako, Taata Kimbowa, Musiramu, and Weired pastor, among others, make up the squad that has embraced the internet to make a name for themselves as celebrated figures in the entertainment industry.

A few days back, the group took a courageous step in their careers, when they revealed that they are looking forward to holding their maiden concert.

Dubbed Tuli Bulala Concert, the TikTokers intend to take their skits on stage in a maiden concert at Theatre Labonita in Kampala.

The impending event is slated for 25th August 2023, and the revenue will go for Ugx 20,000 ordinary, 50,000 ordinary, and a table 1 Million.

Several well-known comedians, including Patrick Salvador, have expressed interest in the event and have already bought over ten VIP seats.


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