Mathias Walukagga Excited About Passing High School, Says He Can’t Wait To Go To Kyambogo University!

Kyengera Lord Mayor Sir Mathias Walukagga is excited to have successfully excelled and completed his studies at the Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU) Kibuli, Kampala branch.

Walukagga expressed his joy as he displayed his certificate of education that confirms he passed his A-Level equivalent studies with flying colors before journalists as he cast a smiling figure.

Mathias Walukaga Seeks Help From His Ancestors | Spurzine

He explained that he feels glad to have completed the journey without finding any hardships.

He noted that he now looks forward to joining another institute to attain a degree in Public Relations since IUIU does not offer the course he is willing to study come August.

He reasons that he wants to take a course in Public Relations to become a certified sales personnel and marketeer in the next projects he looks forward to venturing into in the near future.

The “Bizibu Family” singer added that he only went back to study to join the many public figures who are considered educated and as well to explore the world more.

He further explained that those who used to scoff at him saying he had not gone to school were just ignorant about his education level because he completed O-level and even enrolled at the Teachers Training College (TTC) although he did not complete the studies.


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