“You Are A Faded, Useless, Broken And Damaged KIdandali Singer, Leave Talented Alien Skin Alone!!” Angry Netizens Blast Attention-Seeking Leila Kayondo.

A train of insults and reminders of her position in the music ranks is what welcomed Leila Kayondo back to the spotlight after her attack on Alien Skin’s music online.

On Thursday afternoon, Leila Kayondo attacked trending singer Alien Skin through a video she posted on her Instagram stories.

In the video, she seemed to mock the Fangone Forest singer’s song titled ‘Party’ as she sang the lyrics which she seemed to regard as childish.

Together with an unidentified lady who was in the background, they mocked and laughed at Alien’s lyrics and further blamed Ugandans for allowing such music to dominate the playlists.

The video immediately grabbed the attention of several online dwellers most of whom bombarded it with mixed reactions.

team alien skin basabudde Leila kayondo - YouTube

As some questioned who the person in the video was, those who easily recognized her were quick to remind her that she is a “faded artist” who hasn’t released a good song in ages.

Others questioned why she is bothered by a young boy and why she is back to chasing clout instead of concentrating on her own music career.


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