“Remember When I Let You Sleep In My House And Eat My Food, When You Were Broke??” Disappointed Red Banton Warns Chameleone For Laughing A His Life Struggles.

Singer Tonny Lubega, one of the biggest Ugandan artists of the early 2000s, is disappointed in Jose Chameleone who allegedly made fun of his current situation.

Lubega, known professionally as Red Banton, says he was disheartened when he found the Leone Island boss making fun of him in a bar.

Red Banton and Jose Chameleone

Banton of the ‘Nonya Money’ and ‘Sijja Kuva Kampala’ fame says he helped build Chameleone carrier, at some point giving him shelter and getting his songs airplay on radio stations in the early 2000s.

Yet recently, he says, the Valu Valu singer made fun of him in front of his friends at a bar.

I found him at a bar in Mengo and he said, ‘Imagine that guy used to be my boss!’” Banton told Bukedde TV’s Josephat Seguya in an interview on Tuesday, July 4.

The way he said that, it was with contempt and in a joking tone. How can you say something like that? Why didn’t he mention my mattress he used to sleep on. It was very disrespectful, implying that I should not be looking the way I look.

Banton’s songs such as Nonya Money, Bagala Alina, Pony Tail, Speed 180, Kakoona and Balogo were very popular back in the early 2000s.

But with his fame and his career behind him, Banton says he has no problem being lower than the people he mentored.

In fact, he says, he has never approached Chameleone to ask him for help, but says he “felt bad” about his comments


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