“You Don’t Wish Us Well, You Want The Mayanja Family To Collapse!!” Jose Chameleone’s Father Blames His Sons’ Sicknesses On Haters.

Gerald Mayanja has tagged the sickness of his two sons Joseph Mayanja (Jose Chameleone) and Humphrey Mayanja on hate-filled Ugandans who wish nothing good for his family.

Mzee Mayanja said on Thursday that his family had been afflicted by the misfortune of his two sons falling sick at the same time and undergoing surgeries outside the country, because Ugandans don’t wish them well.

Gerald Mayanja says Ugandans don't wish his family well

We’ve been having too many challenges in the family. You don’t wish us well,” Mayanja told BBS tv in an interview.

People say they want us to fall so others can rise, as if you created us. If you don’t like someone, God likes them, that is why he is still alive,” he added.

Chameleone and his elder brother Humphrey were both admitted and operated on this week in the United States. Both suffered stomach related complications.

Chameleone needed surgery after he was reportedly found to have a problem with his gallbladder, which caused bile to leak into his gut.

Humphrey, who had just landed in the US on Monday, June 3, was also rushed to the emergency room and operated following a stomach infection.

In a Facebook post, he said his treatment involved inserting a nasogastric tube inside his stomach to get rid of the infections inside, but the doctors ended up carrying out a full surgery.

Mayanja said in the interview that he had not been able to speak to Chameleone yet because he was still too weak and unable to speak on the phone.

For Humphrey, he said, he had stabilized and was likely to be discharged from hospital by the end of this week.


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