“Once We Break Up, I Don’t Have Memories With Any Of My Exes!! Heartbroken Prima Kardashi Dries Herself!!

Socialite Prima Kardashi has made it known that when she parts ways with someone in a relationship, she completely forgets about them.

The mother of two made her point clear as she was speaking in an interview where she was being asked whether she misses any of her ex-lovers; Geosteady and Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie.

In a quick response, Pima explained that she doesn’t miss any of them noting that when she ends an affair, she loses all the memories they had with that particular person.

She added that even when they bump into each other as ex-lovers, she regards the meeting as a fresh start to life and moves on with what is trending at that time.

“I don’t miss any of them. When I break up with someone I lose all the memories I had with that person. When we meet, the very thing starts afresh.” Prima Kardisha

When asked about her recent meet-up with Geosteady at their daughter’s birthday, she noted that even those memories are about to erase until they meet again if God wants them to catch up again.

She went on to question why she would keep sad memories of someone she is no longer dealing with in life.

During the Roast & Rythm event that was held in Jinja Prima was again spotted with a different guy who is believed to be her new catch.


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