“Alien Skin Is A Very Wise, Confident And Independent Artist Who Has Disciplined Uganda’s Fake Media!!” A Pass Impressed By Kimenke.

Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass is highly impressed by Alien Skin’s music and personality but believes he has to be very careful about some of the things he does in public for the benefit of his image.

8 months later, Alien Skin has released over 30 music projects and flown to the United Kingdom to perform for his fans at the expense of one of the bigger stars in the industry, Pallaso.

How he conducts himself during interviews, his reply to questions, carefree attitude, he is a likable character – and A Pass agrees.

It all comes at a cost – a few mistakes, enemies, and inexperience are sometimes loud, but how he has handled the fame has been quite a thing for the stars who will come after him must learn.

According to A Pass, Alien Skin has a strong personality and is not easily shaken when he stands by his word. The ‘Oruso’ singer is also impressed by the Fangone Forest CEO’s intellect when responding to questions during interviews.

“Alien Skin has a strong personality, you cannot easily shake him. He has a way with his things, even what he says, he doesn’t respond anyhow. He doesn’t give you straightforward replies so he knows his way around things,” A Pass said during an interview with Miles Rwamiti.

Alien’s music has also impressed the not-easily-impressed A Pass who says “it is fun to listen to” because of how he sings about random topics.

He tips Alien to be careful of some ways that he portrays himself in public especially when he appears for interviews chewing toxic substances because his competitors might use it against him and soil his brand and reputation.

“His music is fun to listen to. It’s interesting how he thinks about what he sings about, he is an interesting man. I believe what he is doing works well for him.

He only needs to be careful and stay away from some habits that might paint a bad picture for his brand at a higher level. You have seen some of the issues he has had with akakoola (Mairungi), he has to put it on the low but still keep his vibe as a person.

So many people blame Alien Skin for taking weed but the same artists do it in hiding. The issue is with him bringing it out directly in the open, it can become a point of weakness that his competitors choose to use against him in public. So he has to be careful, it can damage him.” A Pass

A Pass further advises those who are trying to judge and criticize Alien’s music style to let him try his thing and see if it works because

“Let Alien Skin try, you’re not the one that brought him into the limelight. You cannot expect someone to be perfect in everything, he will definitely fail at some things, but give him that chance to fail because that failure has some lessons for him to learn from. I was also not like this when I started music, I am a growing person on a daily basis and I believe they should let people grow. Let him try and fail and change some of those things,” A Pass added.


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