Frustrated And Confused Kadongo Kamu Singer Fred Ssebbaale Trashes Religion, Decides To Join Witchcraft To Solve His Problems.

Veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Dr. Fred Ssebbale has finally ditched all religions and decided to focus on practicing traditional and cultural beliefs.

The ‘Akasiimu’ hit singer started out as a Christian in his childhood but as he grew up, he converted to the Islamic religion that he had been practicing for a couple of years.

Fresh updates reveal that Fred Ssebbaale has disclosed that he will henceforth be practicing traditional beliefs like a few other renowned figures.

Dr. Ssebbaale’s ditching of religion was first public by Bukedde via their online platforms igniting mixed reactions among people who have for years been following him and those that love his music.

Dr. Ssebbaale can be categorized with public figures such as Maama Fiina, Hassan Ndugga, and Baby Deo among others who publicly confessed to subscribing to traditional beliefs.


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