“I Will Badly Beat Up Eddy Kenzo If He Ever Attacks Me Like He Attacked Kasuku!! Angry And Bitter Big Eye Sends Serious Warning To Kaana Ka Mbaata.

Singer Big Eye Starboss continues to warn fellow singer Eddy Kenzo against attacking him following their altercation during a recent UNCC meeting.

In an interview with a local YouTuber, Big Eye said that Eddy Kenzo wants to fight. “He loves chaos, he loves fighting,” Big Eye said.

He noted that when he attended the UNCC-UNMF meeting upon being invited there by UNCC, Kenzo wanted to attack him and have a fight but was stopped by those around him.

He says that there are issues that he addressed in the meeting that were factual and the truth but they seemed not to please the federation’s president who reacted angrily.

Big Eye believes that the Big Talent singer was protected by the members of the federation who said they were protecting their president but they should have let him face the consequences of always wanting to fight.

“It was a mere meeting but you wanted to fight, now what if I beat you up? He attacked me yearning for a fight but was stopped by those who call him their president. I told them he is not my president and if he attacked me, I would thump him. If he dare touched me, I would have been defending myself. I would have beaten him.” Big Eye Starboss

He further shared the interview on his Facebook page and emphasized that he will not hold back if Kenzo attacks him at any one point.

“I said singa aba anumbye kuba namulaba ayina akasigiri kanji,” he wrote. The two have not been seeing eye-to-eye for a while now since Big Eye quit Kenzo’s Big Talent Entertainment music camp. Big Eye has often claimed that Kenzo is a selfish person who does not wish others well.


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