“Dressing Like A Stripper Live On Stage Was Disgusting And Not Necessary At All!!” DJ Nimrod Blasts Sheebah’s Roast And Rhyme Half-Naked Outfit.

DJ Nimrod, real name Nimrod Nabeeta, was not left pleased with Sheebah Karungi’s outfit during her performance at Roast and Rhyme over the weekend.

Performing her songs Nipe YoteExerciseTwesanaIce Cream, among others, Sheebah put up a great show in Jinja on Saturday.

Her spirited performance caught the attention of several revelers who attended and many more who watched online.

Her energy, choreography, and involvement with the crowd left so many people pleased and commenting about how she has greatly improved in terms of performance.

Despite being pleased with her performance, DJ Nimrod is not entirely pleased with the former TNS singer’s fashionable choices.

The Galaxy FM’s deejay says the knicker on top of Sheebah Karungi’s outfit at Roast and Rhyme Nyam On The Nile edition over the weekend ruined her all-green outfit.

“Performance yakikubye, vibe was in 100% naye Kano Ka Knicker Neda Neda Neda Neda. Akapale kayononye outfit yaffe. This Ka knicker wasn’t necessary,” Nimrod wrote via Twitter.


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