“I Never Said That I Expected A Lot Of Fans At My Flopped Freedom City Concert, Kapa Cat Was Right!!” Heartbroken Martha Mukisa Confesses.

Martha Mukisa wasn’t demoralised by the low turn-up at her concert held on Friday, May 12 at Freedom City Mall.

Speaking to the media, Mukisa said: “Things went well. I gave my fans a good show. Fellow singers came and supported me and entertained my fans, so everything was okay.”

Martha Mukisa and Kapa Cat

Mukisa said she didn’t specify the number of people she expected at her concert so the criticism she faced was unwarranted.

She also said that she chose a big venue because there was also a possibility of people coming in big numbers.

“When I was announcing the concert, I didn’t tell anyone about the number of people I was expecting,” said the Sango hitmaker.

“I put in a big space to cover all the bases… the people that came to my show, those are my fans. there are also those that wanted to come but weren’t able to.”

To critics, she said: “To me, that’s just the beginning for me… Every one is criticised. And if you are being criticised that means you are doing something. They’ve to talk because I’m a public figure and I’m making a name.”

Martha Mukisa was heavily criticised by fellow singer Kapa Cat, real name Catherine Tumusiime.

Kapa Cat in media interviews said Mukisa’s concert would flop because her songs are still lacking.

She also noted Mukisa’s dancehall songs are not yet at the bouncy level that would wow revelers.

Cat also said that the concert was priced highly. Revelers ponied up Shs20k for ordinary tickets, 30k (V.I.P.), and a table went for Shs1 million.

Bigger musicians like Gravity Omutujju have charged as little as Shs5k for concert tickets.

Similar sentiments were re-echoed by Ziza Bafana, who has collaborated on a song with Martha Mukisa.

Bafana said in a media interview: “I think the choice of the venue was very wrong and the tickets were sold at a high price. Her management should do better next time but I congratulate her on hosting a good show because everything was on point, sound, stage, and lighting.”

Bafana organises highly-attended shows, so it’s reasonable to consider his submission.


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