DRAMA!! Ex-Ghanaian Footballer In The UK Claims To Be Rashford’s Biological Father!

A former Ghanaian footballer, Michael Boye-Marquaye, claims to be the biological father of England and Manchester United star Marcus Rashford.

Michael Boye-Marquaye strongly claims that Rashford is his biological son, and efforts to establish a relationship with the star have been restrained.

Ex-Ghanaian footballer in the UK claims to be Rashford's father

In a trending video online, he called out to the United striker to reach out and put to bed the frustrations he has suffered.

“Look, [Rashford] – I am telling you, I am your father,” Marquaye said in the video.


He alleged that Rashford’s mother, Maynard Melanie, is not the biological mother.

“Look, you can say this and that about Melanie; I respect her, and I respect her husband very much, but I have to tell you the truth because if I don’t, in future, you and your children and your great-grandchildren will be lost,” he added.

When asked whether he is coming out because of financial interests, Boye-Marquaye argued that he has kept his mouth shut for too long.

“I am doing this not because of money, again not money, but it is you I want. I am getting furious, but because of you and the respect I have for you, I have kept my mouth shut.”

According to Manchester Evening News, Rashford was raised by his mother Melanie Maynard, a single parent who often had to work multiple jobs to feed the family.


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