BREAKING NEWS: US Orders Its Citizens To Cancel Their Tourism Trips To Uganda And Stop Helping Ugandans, As Punishment For Signing The Anti Gay Law.

The United States Government has updated its travel advisory to Uganda to reflect the recently enacted Anti-homosexuality law.

Uganda is currently placed on Level 3 on the US travel advisory, where citizens are advised to “reconsider travel.”

US citizens have been cautioned on travelling to Uganda

Level 3, according to the US State Department, is composed of countries where travelers “may encounter serious risk to their safety.”

In the updated advisory which was shared on the State Department website this week, US citizens planning to travel to Uganda are warned of the Anti-Homosexuality law which was signed by President Yoweri Museveni in May 2023.

The May 2023 Anti-Homosexuality Act raises the risk that LGBTQI+ persons, and those perceived to be LGBTQI+, could be prosecuted and subjected to life imprisonment or death based on provisions in the law, and may be subject to mandatory reporting to the police if they are suspected of committing or intending to commit acts in violation of the law, and could face harassment or attacks by vigilantes,” read the advisory in part.

Supporters of the dignity and human rights of LGBTQI+ persons (including those of youth under the age of 18) could be prosecuted and imprisoned for multi-year sentences.’”

The Uganda travel advisory page on the other hand, contains further warnings about “violent crime” and possible “terrorist attacks”.

Travelers are for instance advised to keep a low profile, remain with a group of friends in public, and to not “display signs of wealth, such as expensive watches or jewelry.”

The United State Government through President Joe Biden protested Uganda’s anti-gay law, warning on May 30, 2023 of the possibility of pulling back financial support for Uganda, “Including our ability to safely deliver services under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and other forms of assistance and investments.”

Currently, the United States spends around one billion dollars a year building connections with Uganda’s trade and military.


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