Dramatic Kulthum Breaks Down In Tears At Police While Opening A Case Against Bad Black For Abusing Acram!

Dr. Hajjat Kulthum Nabunya Gumisiriza turned emotional while at the Central Police Station (CPS) as she filed a case against Bad Black for insulting her and the husband.

Dr. Kulthum Nabunya and Acram Gumisiriza want Bad Black to face the law and give proof for everything that she said about their family and Kulthum’s only child.

The celebrity couple want justice to prevail so that Bad Black can be showed that she is not above the law as she bragged when she made videos insulting them.

Engineer Acram vowed that this time around, Bad Black has to face it rough so that she can lesson or two in order to stop insulting people without reason.

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Through a Facebook post, Bad Black responded to the couple saying the cases filed against her are bailable and she is confident that she will overcome them.


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