Bitter Eddy Kenzo Dismisses Claims That He Started Big Talent Entertainment With Struggling Big Eye ‘Fake Starboss’.

Eddy Kenzo dismissed cliams that he started Big Talent Entertainment with Big Eye.

While appearing on Galaxy F.M. recently, Big Eye, real name Ibrahim Mayanya, claimed that they started the record label together.

Eddy Kenzo and Big Eye

Kenzo was also hosted on the same show this week and D.J. Nimrod sought clarity.

Nimrod: Big Eye told us that you co-founded Big Talent with him, how true is that?

Kenzo: I didn’t start Big Talent with him. I brought him into Big Talent.

Nimrod: So, it’s you who started it?

Kenzo: Of course.

Nimrod: Okay!

Kenzo: if he had started it, he would have gone with it

Nimrod: So, what happened?

Kenzo: Ahh… Big Eye reached a point where he culd no fit under the record label and he need to be on his own.

Nimrod: What’s the problem between you two?… He recently used cusswords against you while appearing on this show.

Kenzo: If that’s how he sees me, I can’t say no… everyone is feel to have their own perception of you.

Big Eye was under Kenzo’s Big Talent Entertainment for a year before he left to start his own record label named Big Music Entertainment. He said their separation was harmonious.

But since departing he has always levied criticism against Kenzo.

For instance, he is among musicians who have said Eddy Kenzo doesn’t fit to be the president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

“He is not my president,” began Big Eye.

“He doesn’t qualify to lead musicians because there are many qualifications he doesn’t have.”

Asked to name Kenzo’s weakness, he said: “He doesn’t wish well for the industry. He is always frustrating others… He hasn’t contributed much to the industry.”

Eye, who was speaking from the U.K., said he was establishing connections that he would share with fellow musicians once he returns.


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