Bedridden Evelyn Lagu Grateful To Well Wishers Who Built Her A Mansion Worth Millions.

Singer Evelyn Lagu has expressed gratitude to the well-wishers who built her a fully furnished house. On 1st June 2023, ailing singer Evelyn Lagu commemorated her forty-first birthday at her new home in Nalubugo.

When speaking to the media, Evelyn disclosed that after contracting the kidney failure health problem, she had to sell her home and car in order to pay the steep medical expenditures.

However, one of the people she had initially helped came to her rescue, upon watching her interview on one of the local channels appealing for help.

Evelyn noted that when her Netherlands-based friend Catherine Tash vacated her mother from Uganda, she donated the land where he mother resided and all the required paperwork to the singer.

As soon as the site was acquired, fellow churchgoers and other well-wishers set out to build her home.

The “Ogumanga” singer is thankful that her son Freddie Kasavu will have a place to live for the rest of his life even if she losses the battle to her prevailing health complications.

Evelyne expressed her gratitude to her friends, supporters, family members, and anybody else who did their best to see that she recuperates.


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