Drunk And Rude Grenade Official Arrested At Seguku Estate While Going To Chew His Sugar Mummy.

Former Team No Sleep singer Grenade Official real Dous Nduggwa was allegedly arrested over trespass.

According to reports surrounding Grenade’s arrest, he was apprehended on Thursday night around Seguku, Katale.

Witness reveals why Grenade was arrested (VIDEO)

Reports further allege that Grenade was trespassing in one of the gates, before being stopped by security officers.

The intoxicated musician started verbally abusing and physically assaulting the security guards, claiming that as an artist, he should be treated with respect.

Grenade’s failure to comply with the security personnel compelled onlookers to ring the local residence chairman, who instructed that the singer’s pictures and videos be taken and disseminated on social media.

Grenade official

A section of internet users, however, have deemed the development a stunt crafted by the singer to push his impending music project.

By press time, attempts to reach Grenade Official for comment regarding his arrest have been fruitless. However, we expect to hear from him soon, and we’ll keep you posted.

Have a look at the video below.


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