Caroline Marcah Sends Heartwarming Birthday Message To Her Ex-Boyfriend MC Kats.

Pearl Magic Tv host and events femcee Caroline Marcah has penned a heartwarming birthday message to MC Kats.

For the past few years, Mc Kats and Caroline Marcah have been close friends, which generated rumors that the two were dating.

However, in April of this year, the two got into a heated argument, which weakened their affection.

This was evidenced when Caroline Marcah unfollowed MC Kats on Instagram before the two ceased hanging out together as they used to.

However, the schism between the two didn’t deter Caroline Marcah from commemorating Kats’ birthday today.

Taking to Twitter, Caroline Marcah real name Caroline Mirembe revealed that Mc Kats’ goodness overwhelms the bad.

Marcah noted that despite Kats having his imperfections, she chose to always see the better side of him before making it known that no one is perfect and so is the celebrated events Mc.

“Your goodness overwhelms the bad… I choose to always see you for the better side of you. No one is perfect, we all just have to do our best in life. You Only Live Once. A very happy birthday to you KatambaEdwin. KingOfTheMicUg.”


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