Interested Spice Diana Playfully Tells Fik Fameica Not To Kiss Her Again, Yet She Liked It.

Fik Fameica is a sharp man. He surprised Spice Diana with a quick kiss. He did it while they were walking together with his arm around her shoulder.

Diana, who was filming the action, said: “Don’t do those things of kissing me… Don’t peck me.”

Is Fik Fameika Bonking Spice Diana? - YouTube

Fameica pecked her on the neck. They both laughed about it.

Fik Fameica and Spice Diana have been friends for a while. They even have a hit song together titled Ready.

It has over 1.8 million views on YouTube.Born Hajara Namukwya, Diana is one of the most sought-after artistes in the country.

She was initially an actress, working with Equator Production in Luzira. It’s the same company that shot the video of her first hit song Onsanula, which was produced by Dr. Fizo.

Spice Diana ne Fik Fameica bekoze bintu mu quarantine - YouTube

Diana wrote the song herself and she recently revealed that it’s among her four favourite songs, the others being Koona, her collabo with Pallaso; Ndi Mu Love, which was written by King Saha; and lastly, Siri Regular, which was written by Nince Henry.

While in Senior Five, Spice Diana did some work with Ghetto Kids, including writing a song for them.

It was during her time with them that one Dauda took her to the studio and she did her first song titled Nze Akwagala.

She started singing at 16 when she was in secondary school at Kampala Citizens College.

The songstress, who has said she used to be shy, was inspired to join music while in that school because everyone there was interested in music.

Diana met Dr. Fizo, who runs Avie Records, through Maro and Geosteady.

To push her music, Spice Diana would go to clubs straight from school, which she attended with extra clothes.

She did that for two years, performing at clubs like Wallet Pub, Mona Lisa, Silk, and High Table every day of the week.

The Tujooge hitmaker, who did Industrial Art at Makerere University, almost dropped out of school when she had out-of-country trips to among other countries, Dubai and U.K., but she decided to focus on education.

While at Avie Records, she also collaborated with Pallaso in 2015 to drop another club banger titled Koona, but she later left to join the Twinkle Star Management of Emma Carlos who was the then manager of Khalifa Aganaga.

It was after there that she met her current manager Roger who had separated from Ziza Bafana. Before Roger, Humble Management managed her for a bit.

Watch the video below:


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