“Kapa Cat Is Bobi Wine’s Agemate, ‘She Is Our Jajja’. Bitter And Angry Gravity Omutujju Continues To Embarrass Kapa.

Gravity Omutujju believes Kapa Cat deserves grandmother status. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, May 23, the rapper, commonly known as Gravity, doubled down on bashing Cat.

Gravity took aim at Cat after she recently despised Martha Mukisa days before her concert which didn’t do well.

Gravity Omutujju, Kapa Cat and Bobi Wine

Cat said Mukisa’s music catalog and status in the industry didn’t deserve the kind of concert that was organised for her.

Gravity, on the other hand, believes Martha Mukisa is doing better than Kapa Cat musically, so she shouldn’t be criticising him.

Interviewer: Do you think Martha and Kapa Cat are in the same league?

Gravity: Martha is in a bigger league… bigger than Kapa Cat’s… I sang a song with Kapa Cat, so I know her strength… They are playing in different leagues, so she should stop criticizing her… Let her continue hustling.

You’ll be shocked when all her life in the music industry she never stages a concert. I’ll even call her a woman, she is our grandmother… she is our elder.

Interviewer: How old do you think Kapa Cat is?

Gravity: She is our elder… She may be in the same age bracket as the Bobi Wines [Wine is 41. This reporter couldn’t independently verify Cat’s age, but some Google search results show she was born in 1995.]… Respect that woman… there are some things she did. I will tell you in the future… I keep a lot of secrets, waiting for the right moment to spill.

Gravity Omutujju and Kapa Cat collaborated on a song called Centre. After attacking her, Cat asked the rapper why he didn’t seek a collabo from Martha Mukisa if she is better.


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