“Ugandan Female Artists Fear Giving Birth Because They Are Broke And Have To Perform Everyday To Get What To Eat!” Anne Kansiime Reveals.

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime says several female entertainers in the local music industry fear giving birth because they are broke.

On Tuesday, the media was invited to a briefing about the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) at a hotel in Mutundwe.

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A host of artists and other entertainers were present at the media briefing including some of those in the leadership team of the new federation.

Anne Kansiime as well attended the meeting in which she aired out some of the important aims of the federation.

The celebrated comedienne revealed that despite also being a musician herself, she is demotivated by the returns on investment in the music business and hence why she does not give it much of her attention.

Kansiime noted that musicians are hard workers who reap very little due to the failed systems and the failed implementation of the copyright law among other policies that would have enabled them to earn from their sweat.

She added that many female artists even fear giving birth and those brave enough to conceive go on to twerk themselves silly during their pregnancies because they are broke and have to keep working for survival.

She, therefore, urged fellow entertainers and other stakeholders in the industry to unite for the federation’s good cause of fighting for policies that will better their livelihoods.


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