Troublesome Kapa Cat And Nasty Gravity Omutujju Vow To Expose Each Other’s Dirty Secrets As Their Beef Escalates.

Gravity Omutujju has vowed to spill Kapa Cat’s secrets if she continues to despise her fellow artists following her recent comments on Martha Mukisa.

On her social media, Kapa Cat has in recent weeks been attacking fellow artists including Gravity Omutujju and Martha Mukisa.

MP3 Download: Centre by Kapa Cat, Gravity Omutujju (Audio Song)

Kapa’s battle with Martha Mukisa arose when she claimed that she couldn’t fill up Freedom City at her concert, something which Gravity did not agree with.

Gravity while speaking to the media has revealed that Kapa Cat cannot be better than Martha Mukisa, musically.

“Martha Mukisa’s league is a different one, she is in a bigger league. I know her ability because I have done music with her. She cannot manage Martha Mukisa, let her leave her alone, and do her Kapa Cat things,” he told the media on Tuesday.

He further noted that he knows a lot of Kapa Cat’s secrets and that he will expose her if she continues to despise fellow artists.

“Kapa Cat might never even hold a concert in her lifetime. I give her respect because she is our elder but if she continues to speak nonsense, I will spill her secrets in the near future,” the rapper added.



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