Struggling And Desperate Dr. T Amale Reunites With Bizonto, Weeks After Seeing How Isma Olaxess Was Murdered.

The fallout between former Radio Simba presenter Tobby Kafeero alias Dr. T Amale with Bizonto comedy group outfit started in 2020 due to differences in political ideology as each party backed a different party in the 2021 general elections.

They then traded disses to the extent that Dr. T Amale was issued a 21 days ultimatum to apologize for under-looking Bobi Wine who was being backed and shown loyalty by the Bizonto.

Dr. T Amale: Omulangira Ndausi and Bizonto practice witchcraft

When he declined to do so he got fired from the group and went solo. He continued doing his own projects but later on apologized and he was forgiven but not offered chance to work with the group.


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