Patricia Sitya Loss Rebukes Bad Black For Claiming That She Aborted After Sleeping Around With Old Men.

Ghetto Kids dancer Patricia Sitya Loss real name Patricia Nabakooza has expressed her displeasure with socialite Bad Black following her baseless remarks that she had aborted.

At the start of April this year, Patricia was bedridden at Nakasero Hospital following a throat complication.

Patricia Sitya Loss Expresses Dissatisfaction with Bad Black For Claiming  She Aborted

Online arguments erupted about Patricia’s illness, with some users speculating that the dancer and comic actress had aborted.

The rumour, however, was fuelled by Bad Black, who claimed via her Facebook account that Patricia was experiencing abortion-related side effects.

“Abortion is not for everyone dear daughter but Insha Allah you gone be fine don’t worry. Much love from mummy.”

Bad Black Reveals the truth about Patricia Nabakooza's Health, Did She  Abort?

While appearing in an interview with Galaxy Tv recently, Patricia Sitya Loss downplayed the allegations of aborting and made it clear that she has never conceived before.

Patricia continued by expressing her displeasure with Bad Black for her defamatory words, that she had aborted.

Her statements didn’t bother me because I knew they were false, but why would anyone, especially a mother of young children, go public and make such a claim?


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