“You Don’t Need To Know Me Coz You Are A Nobody, That’s Why Even Spice Diana Akusinga!!” Bitter And Angry Isma Olaxes Blasts Sheebah.

Motormouthed Facebook blogger Isma Olaxes, popularly known as Jjaja Ichuli has responded to singer Sheebah’s Karungi’s claims that she has never heard of him nor seen him any where in Uganda.

It should be noted that while conducting an online interview via Kasuku’s YouTube channel, Sheebah sensationally claimed not to know Isma after the presenter pressed her to answer allegations that she once chased the controversial blogger out of her premises in Munyonyo, last year.


“First and foremost who is Isma Olaxes. I have never met or about him before. I won’t be able to respond to allegations levied by some body I don’t know” Sheebah said as she threw dirt on Jjaja Ichuli

Perhaps after listening to Sheebah’s interview and hearing Sheebah’s claims, Isma Olaxes decided to repsond in a typical mivie star fashion with him claims it doesn’t matter if Sheebah knows him or not.

“It doesn’t really matter if Sheebah knows me or not. I’m know by top technocrats in this country. The president knows me, the speaker of parliament knows me. so it doesn’t matter if Sheebah doesn’t know me” Isma Olaxes said.

“You Don’t need to know me coz I’m known by Sevo & Anita Among”–Isma Olaxes blasts Sheebah after Star singer claimed not to know him


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