CONFIRMED!! Charles Wa Asia Is Currently Battling And Fighting For His Life After Being Attacked By A Strange And Deadly Disease.

Popular Ugandan TikTok sensation Charles Wa Asia is reportedly bedridden as he battles hernia and rectal prolapse illness.

The news concerning Charles’ illness comes in just a few days after the burial of his partner Asia who breathed her last following a persistent stomach condition.

Based on the information we have collected, it is reported that Charles has been ailing from this condition for a period of about more than 15 years.

A few months ago, he was also hospitalized for the same illness but he gradually recovered and gained the energy to support himself on his own limbs.

However, sad news coming from Charles’ household reveals that he was struck again by the same conditions, and almost lost the battle a few days back.

Rogers Ssebunya alias SB4 acknowledged Charles being rushed to the hospital and urged his fans and well-wishers to keep him in their prayers.

We Charles a speedy recovery!


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