NBS TV’s Kawalya Kayz Confesses Utmost Deep Feelings For Sasha Brighton’s Brown Thighs.

Even though no woman has been linked to him since he broke up with longtime girlfriend Betty, NBS Television presenter Kawalya Isaac Kayz has now come out and confessed his deep feelings for heartbroken Sasha Brighton.

Through his social media platforms, Kayz posted a cryptic message accompanied with photos of him being all cozy with Sasha Brighton.

“Dear Men, One Loyal Woman is Enough 2023”- he captioned the post.

Sasha Brighton recently confessed how she was dumped by her new baby daddy just months into the pregnancy and she suffered alone to raise the pregnancy upto giving birth.

Maybe Kaiyz has now stepped up to help take care of the new family and maybe mend the broken heart, but for sure, we can’t be so sure until Sasha also stamps in a comment about the situation.




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