Desperate Big Eye StarBoss Shocked And Disappointed That His Song ‘Husband Material’ Missed Out On The Bebe Cool List 2022, Yet To Him It’s The Song Of The Year!

African Music Giant Ibrahim Mayanja commonly known as Big Eye Star Boss has raised eyebrows after missing out on the Bebe Cool List 2022.

This follows the release of the controversial Bebe Cool List by the Gagamel Band CEO over the weekend where he recognized the top and most hardworking Ugandan artistes in 2022 as well as ignoring those he considered not worth recognition.


However, the list has raised eyebrows of popular singer Big Eye StarBoss after missing out with his ‘Husband Material’ hit song which many regard as the Best Song of the Year 2022.

Big Eye laughs at Bebe Cool after being pelted with bottles full of urine –  Ekyooto Uganda

With music critics and revelers too in support of his view about the controversial Bebe Cool list 2022, Big Eye StarBoss is now demanding for a public apology from Bebe Cool.

“My people have refused, Tukole tutya banange? Batwetondere mu public apology oba bajidemu?”- Big Eye StarBoss


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