Prayerful Lydia Jazmine Humbles Herself Into Prayer For A Better New Year 2023.

As she awaited to perform on New Year’s Eve, Ugandan singer Lydia Jazmine went on her knees in her car and prayed for a better 2023.

The last day of the year, 31st December is always a date many people look forward to as the anticipation for what the new year has for them is always high.

On that day, many people go to their favorite hangouts, others flock to the worship centers, and others choose to stay home.

For several entertainers, it is one of the biggest days in the calendar year as they get to perform at numerous events at different venues.

The case wasn’t different for Lydia Jazmine who was scheduled to usher her fans in Koboko into the new year with her performance.

As it clocked midnight, however, the songstress was still waiting to be called onto the stage in her car. She chose to get onto her knees and say a prayer to her creator.

In a video she shared, Lydia Jazmine is seen getting onto her knees as one of her crew members records the moment.

She says a short prayer before rising to her feet with a smile and pushing her head through the roof of the car to watch the fireworks display.

“Exactly how I always enter my new year’s regardless of where I am. Tonight am on the road upcountry and I couldn’t be more thankful. God to the best of 2023,” she said.


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