Ganda Boys Impress Uganda Netizens After Singing The ‘Ekitibwa Buganda Anthem’ With Six World Famous Choirs.

The internet has come together yet again to celebrate phenomenal Ugandans that are waving the country’s flag on high.

Buganda Kingdom, has been over itself today morning after a performance, by music duo, Ganda Boys, left everyone mesmerized.

VIDEO: Ganda Boys release 'new' Ekitibwa Kya Buganda

In the video that has since gone viral, the Ganda Boys, clad in traditional Buganda tunics (Kanzu) sing the Kingdom’s official anthem, in joint efforts, with the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, which is considered to be the most important symphony orchestra in Colombia.

In the glorious display of art, the Ganda Boys touch their hearts with pride and lead six choirs into a flamboyant execution of the anthem.

Each of the six choirs that were a part of the project represented a different continent.

Ganda Boys unite six continents with Buganda anthem – Sqoop – Get Uganda  entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

“The Ganda Boys have organized choirs from all six continents of the world to come together in a cultural celebration of Uganda’s heritage, by collaborating in a recording of the Buganda National Anthem,” the bio stated.

The YouTube bio further states that the final recording is being mixed by Grammy winner, Latino producer and engineer, Daniel Cortes.

According to the Ganda Boys Instagram page, the project they undertook had them organizing over six choirs from six continents in the world, for the collaboration.

“The Ganda Boys have taken a big step by organizing choirs from all six continents of the world to come together in a cultural celebration of Uganda’s heritage with a grand collaboration of a recording of the Buganda National Anthem,” they posted.

Among the people that were filled with sheer delight was Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

In his tweet, he appreciated the Ganda boys for the taking the effort to sing the Buganda Anthem, Ekitiiba Kya Buganda, with such professionalism and flair of such a degree.

The premier further added that the performance was his biggest highlight of Christmas.

The Ganda Boys are a UK based, African fusion band, consisting of members, Denis Mugagga and Dan Sewagudde (who were formerly known as DaTwinz), and UK musician, arranger, record producer and film composer, Craig

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