Controversial Blogger Isma Olaxess Apologizes To Barbie After Accusing Bobi Wine Of Chewing Upcoming Karitas Kario’s Juicy Sumbie.

According to reports from a local tabloid, Ibrahim Tusubira, who is popularly known as Isma Olaxess, has been the highlight of several tabloids after his brazen comments alleging that NUP poster child Bobi Wine is dating Karitas Kario.

According to Olaxess, the musician turned politician has been holding a secret love affair with the USA-based singer, Karitas Karios, noting that the two have actively been seeing each other.

Bobi and Kario

The critic further mentioned that Bobi Wine has been making several trips to the US to see his “side dish” with whom he has been cheating on his wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi.

The wild allegations raised concern among the public, which immediately tasked Olaxess to prove his allegations.

The pressure seemed to have caught up with Olaxess who immediately retracted his statement during a recent interview with a YouTuber.

He mentioned that he did not have any bad intentions and asked for forgiveness from anyone who could have been offended by the allegations including the parties involved.

Olaxess, however, bragged that his statements managed to drag Karitas Karios out of her musical limbo as she has just recently released a song.


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