“Please Bath And Start Using Chewing Gum After Smoking Your Weed, Because You Stink At People’s Weddings Every Time You Are Hired To Sing!” Brave And Unpologetic Brian Mulondo Calls O King Saha

KFM presenter, Brian Mulondo has bitterly attacked singer, Mansour Ssemanda aka King Saha for not caring about himself after smoking weed.

In a conversation with Kasuku and Faiza during D’Mighty Breakfast show on KFM, Brian Mulondo asked Saha’s managers to always give him chewing gum after smoking weed. He insisted that he stinks.

Brian Mulondo (L), King Saha (R)

“Please mangers when he comes to do weddings, events, get him chewing gum chewing gum, Get Saha
chewing gum, the way it smells a lot you guys. Tubele professional, no one is telling you to stop smoking weed, But when you are going for wedding or corporate gig ate mufila kubagole. It’s smelling, you stink actually, these musicians stink. Olinga kugamba teyanabye, some of them drink so much and come to our interviews drunk. Nga bawunya ekivundu, waliwo abayimbi abatanaba and there are some we chase from our show. So please be better, you cannot want to be better when you are not doing the basis of showering and doing Deo. We know you guys, we talk about you, may be your managers don’t tell you the truth. If u stink, i will never host you”. said a rather bothered Brian Mulondo.

This is not the first time artists have been told to clean themselves. Some wake up from beds and come straight to interviews without cleaning up.


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