Shameless UMA President Dr. Samuel Oledo Who’s An NRM Peppet Refuses To Resign Or Step Down To Allow Investigations Into His Disgraceful Act Of Kneeling For President Museveni.

Embattled Uganda Medical Association president Dr. Samuel Oledo has refused to step aside to allow investigations following accusations of using the association for selfish gains.

A joint consultative meeting of the National Executive Committee, National Governing Council, and elders’ forum held last evening had resolved to have the vice-president Dr. Edith Nakku take over in acting capacity during the period of investigation.

Public reacts to senior doctor 'begging' Museveni to return for seventh  term | Pulse Uganda

Oledo is accused of casting the association in bad light and portraying it as partisan when he led a group of medical doctors to kneel before President Museveni during an NRM youth symposium at Kololo Independence Grounds and begged him to contest for the presidency in the 2026 general elections.

The move was deemed by a section of the medical fraternity as casting the association in bad light.

Oledo has however defended himself saying his actions at the Kololo symposium, adding that calls for him to step aside are unconstitutional.

The issue of stepping aside is not constitutional, however, I accepted the Ethics Committee to follow up and have a fair hearing. It is not the first time I have knelt down. I knelt down last year and doctors got the five million shillings then I was arrested by the police and no one came out, actually, doctors celebrated at that time,” Oledo said.

However, Dr. Herbert Luswata, the UMA secretary-general says he is shocked by Oledo’s U-turn yet he was part of the meeting that resolved to have him step aside.

He accepted and actually he is the one who told us that it is very okay, he will leave the due process to take place and he will step aside until the whole process is done but we were also just surprised later after the meeting when we saw that video coming out. So we don’t know what happened,” Luswata said.


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