Eddy Kenzo Laughs At NUP Supporters Spreading Fake Rumors About His Manager Martin Beta Being A CMI Operative Working For NRM.

Singer Eddy Kenzo finds it quite laughable that a section of individuals on Twitter accuse his manager Martin Beta Muhumuza of being a CMI operative.

Martin ‘Beta’ Muhumuza is a proficient brand and recording label manager with experience in Audio and Visual production.

He is Eddy Kenzo’s longtime manager and a big boss at the Big Talent Entertainment record label and has also been a backbone for many musicians’ success.

Yesterday, as Muhumuza celebrated his birthday, several of his friends painted their social media timelines with his photos as they wished him a happy birthday.

Eddy Kenzo and Martin Beta Muhumuza

Others, however, saw it as an opportunity to share some unconfirmed information about him. According to a Twitter user identified as Kayabula Lukyamuzi Ed, Muhumuza is linked to the CMI.

“So Eddy Kenzo is managed by a one Muhumuza Martin, an officer with the UPDF attached to CMI in charge of these recent abductions,” wrote Kayabula on Twitter before adding, “Well, like I said…it’s up to Kenzo (to) explain to his unsuspecting followers.”

In response to the tweet, Eddy Kenzo mocked the tweep while laughing off the rumours that had been sent out.

“Nze obwedda ndy’eno nkayana nabantu nti taja gasima ate topic yakyuseda!! nga ndi mabega nyo Banange mungamba ngako nemanya nti oli twamuvako kati tuli kwono other wise nfwaaaa nseko cheiiii,” Kenzo’s reply read.

Muhumuza and Kenzo have been working together for the longest time and together have achieved so much success including winning Uganda’s first BET award among other things.

Several other tweeps, mostly those with allegiance to the People Power group have jumped onto the narrative and are spreading it widely.


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