Video: Babaritah impresses with Amapiano style in new song “Tusimbudde”

By Website Writer; Maritini Entertainment songstress, Babaritah dishes it out fast, quickly releasing a second song this year “Tusimbudde”.


Produced by Babaritah’s most time producer ‘Skills on the beat’, “Tusimbudde” and its accompanying video elucidates a special time to splash ‘dime’ with celebrations and parties.

Written by Dokta Brain, the lyrics too blow it up with words sparking good vibes and dancing moods.

Its all about starting the party moods, enjoyment, searching for good vibes. Throw on your best attire and let’s go partying till dawn. Please tell me where the killer party is happening,” Babaritah said.

The visuals by Editunez (Klip Filmz Visual) have also been released for Babaritah’s Afro inspired “Tusimbudde”.

However, it’s infused with the arrangements of Amapiano sound, a style of house music that emerged in South Africa in 2012 and currently most adopted style of music worldwide.

I loved to make the trending Amapiano. Also some dancehall which is my favorite. The words to, just fell in love with them as they are attached to girls, Uganda, praty animals,” Babaritah adds.

The song’s compelling visuals have already been dubbed one of the best from the continent this year by fans and has proven an unprecedented favorite.

Babaritah also vows to keep her fans accupied this year with more music than ever before.

“Tusimbudde”, her second in 2022 after “Mwogeza Dembe” will surely be a steady jam, a club banger.

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