NBS’s Zambaali Advises Ugandan Artistes To Choose A Leader Out Of The Entertainment Industry, Not These Greedy Politicians.

NBS Television news anchor Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa has advised Ugandan musicians to get someone outside the entertainment industry to lead them if they want to ever get somewhere and stop always fighting with leadership.

Appearing on the news set, Zambaali advised Douglas Lwanga to tell Ugandan Musicians to stop fighting and instead get someone they respect who is not part of the music industry to lead them.

This came after Jose Chameleon became the president of the Uganda Musicians Federation.

People in the industry have been wondering if this is going to work out for the artists because some people like Jenkins said Jose Chameleon will not manage because of his characters. He is short tempered and he likes fighting.

“I would like to advise artists to get someone outside the entertainment industry to lead them. At least this might work for them and you see the entertainment industry grow very fast.” Zambali said.

However, Douglas Lwanga said they once tried to have such a person to lead them but artists refused saying the person will not understand their problems like the way they want it.


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