Govt identifies 38% households to benefit from covid fumds

A total of 501107 households  are to benefit from the covid  100,000 ugx support to be given to vulnerable people

According to the minister of Gender Labour and Social Development Hon. Betty Amongi Akena, the persons to benefit from the fund are those greatly affected by the lockdown whose income is based on a daily earning.

While speaking to journalist at a press conference on Tuesday,  the minister said that the government has identified the vulnerable persons in urban areas and cities who are to benefit from the funds as listed below.

Bus/Taxi drivers, conductor, baggage carriers, wheelbarrow pushers , barmen and women, Djs bouncers,  waiters, Bar gym and restaurant workers, food vendors in major places Artists, Bodaboda riders, salons, teachers and support staff in private schools and teachers in government schools that are not on pay roll.

The minister noted that those with National IDs with names not corresponding with Mobile money account details will access the money through post bank mobile vans.

The money as broken down in an estimate way an ordinary Ugandan would spent it on food expecting one to but posho beans a bar of soap cooking oil and  20, 000 as surplus for other needs.

Amongi said that her ministry with UBoS will guide cities and municipalities on the number of persons to be selected.

“Ministers MPS RDCs and technical officers will supervise registration identification and payment of beneficiaries” she said


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