Covidex not a covid19 cure. What NDA says about the drug

With the increased spread of the corona virus, ugandans had resorted to a cheaper option turning to a local medical herb-covidex as a  cure for the virus.

The National Drugs Authority (NDA) came out and advised the public not to use the drug as it was not gone through clinical trials to establish it’s content.

In a press statement released on Tuesday,  Abiaz Rwamwiri the Public Relations Officer NDA said that after engagement with the innovator of the drug and assessment of the product information,  covidex has been notified to be sold in a licenced drug outlet for supportive treatment in management of viral infections but not as a cure of covid19.

The product manufactured by Jena herbal Uganda limited was revised to a supportive treatment in management of viral infections after engagement with the innovators led to an agreement and removed unsubstantiated claims that the product treats and prevents covid19.

However NDA advised the manufacturer tp conduct random controlled clinical trials which are the “highest level evidence to ascertain any claims of treatment” and that the authority will continue monitoring the drug

The public has been advised to only buy drugs from licenced drug outlets and avoid self medication especially of prescription drugs and encouraged the public to seek treatment from licenced health facilities


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