Faded Bryan White Asks MPs To Summon Horny Peter Sematimba As Well Over Sexual Harassment Accusations, Like They Did To Him.

Former socialite Bryan White has asked Parliament to be recalled so MPs can summon one of their kind over allegations of sexual abuse.

Peter Ssematimba was Busiro South MP when the 10th Parliament repeatedly clamoured for Bryan White’s flesh over similar allegations. And now that a woman has come out to accuse Ssematimba, Bryan White wants MPs to order police to arrest him too.

UGNEWS24 - Bryan White aks MPs to summon Sematimba too – UGNEWS24

“Everyone has a closet and these MPs have bigger closets. They were after me and now one of them is exposed. I have enough oxygen to supply Parliament and this is not a process at all.”

Former House Maid Joan Namatovu Demands Her Child From Peter Sematimba In  Tears - Celebbyte Ug

A woman last week appeared on local TV claiming Ssematimba was battling for custody of a child she sired with the “exotic” former MP while serving him as a maid. “If I still had dollars, I would be offering big ones to housemaids to expose MPs,” Bryan White said. “But now I only have steaming things.”


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