Police to continue crack down on those faulting covid19 measures as directed by president Museveni

The police has vowed to continue on its operations in and outside Kampala in order to enforce the covid 19 measures put up by the president.

People arrested by police during curfew time

While addressing journalists at the police head quarters in Naguru, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that in some parts of Kampala especially the outskirts people do not abide by the presidential directives and that they use the early morning hours and late evenings to ferry pasengers on boda bodas.

Enanga also said that they have made adjustments in the enforcement of the measures.

“In a bid to fight the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to make adjustments in our enforcement measures, with the use of snap and impromptu checkpoints targeting motorists, working closely with KCCA, other City Authorities and URA to blacklist all non-essential business operating; imposing heavier fines and penalties on people holding gatherings etc. The stop and search operations against lockdown offenders are still ongoing.” He said

“The public should know that the strict lockdown measures, like in many other countries, are aimed at tackling the spared of COVID-19. We urge them to remain extra vigilant and avoid events that are super spreaders”. He added

Enanga warned those misusing LC letters and also warned the LCs who issue permits without genuine reasons

“We want to seriously warn LC1 chairpersons for abusing their power by issuing local clearance letters, for non-essential movements and or emergencies. All confiscated letters are to be forwarded to the Inter Agency Task Force for a way forward.”

According to police, during the course of last week, a total of 1445 people were arrested for flouting the lockdown and curfew provisions, out of these 766 lockdown offenders were cautioned, 490 released on police bond, pending 81 and 108 charged to court. In addition, a total of 633 motor vehicles were impounded, out of which 283 were issued with EPS tickets, 306 were cautioned, 38 pending, unclaimed 04. Also impounded were 3884 motorcycles, out of which 2706 were issued with EPS tickets, 398 are still pending, while 48 are still unclaimed.


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