Hoo!! Daddy Andre caught on camera  preparing to re-bo_nk Shakira ‘process by process’

Singer and music producer Andrew Ojambo also known as Daddy Andre is a man of seasons! It is hard to be close to him and survive his ever-hungry ‘Muwogo’. Months after their private introduction, the producer split with fellow singer Nina Akankunda alias Nina Roz with each of them blaming fellow being the cause of the bitter break up.

Andre accused Nina Roz of being a gold digger who only got married to him for music and financial gains. He explained that Nina Roz only wanted to get free music writing and recording from him but never loved him.

By the time of their break up rumors emerged, it was also being alleged that Andre was cheating on Nina with upcoming singer Shakira Kamulegeya aka Shakira. However, Andre later opened up in a phone interview and revealed that Shakira was just a family friend whom he was also working with on a song.

Despite the fact that Nina also clarified that she knew Shakira and that she was only friends with Andre, seems there is something beyond the friendship earlier reported.

Judging from a video that has just leaked on online, Andre has advanced his friendship with the bootylicious upcoming artist as he was seen having cozy moments with her.

The two seem to be staying together because they are seen in the video seated in an environment which looks like Andre’s home.


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