HoOoO! Fan Masturbates Live on NTV Mix Show last night

Viewers of the popular NTV Mix Show which happens every Friday were left mesmerized yesterday after a yet to be identified fan aired a live feed touhing his genitalia. The incident happened during a video display of the phone footages received from the fans during the weekly mix show.

Having noticed the glitch, the NTV video crew immediately removed the footage, however, sharp followers did not miss out to capture the shocking scenario.

Moments later after the mis-hap, Twitter – a non-stop seizing platform was up in flames with a section of the active TV followers saying it could have been a video recorded unintentionally adding that the owner of the footage could have accidentally opened the main camera.

Other tweeps commented saying it could have been a hack into the fans’ feed timeline.

Nation Media’s NTV is yet to come out and make an official statement on the matter.

The NTV Mix Show hosted by Etania and Dagy Nyce, has been on the screens in the land for a quite a number of years and it’s the very first time citizens are witnessing such a glitch on this highly viewed programme.


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